Below is a collection of some of my favorite logos designed over the years.

Puff Cannabis Co Logo by Matthew Wolff

Puff Cannabis Co. is a Canadian marijuana brand.

Victoria Highlanders FC, Matthew Wolff, Design, Football, Soccer, Logo, Crest, Badge, Canadian, USL PDL

Victoria Highlanders Football Club is a Canadian soccer team that competes in the USL PDL.

New York Cosmos, Inaugural Season, 2013, Logo, Soccer, Football

New York Cosmos 2013 Inaugural Season logo. Designed during my time with The Forest Studio.

New York, NY, Logo, Cap, Hat, Snapback, Retro, Old School, Typography, Ligature, Monogram, Old English, NYC, New York City, Icon, Matthew Wolff, Design

Custom NY logo.

Outbox Films Boston Classical Music, Logo

Outbox Films is Boston-based studio that creates audition and promotion videos for musicians.

Wellfleet Sea Salt Logo by Matthew Wolff

Wellfleet Sea Salt produces eco-friendly sea salt from Cape Cod.

Matthew Wolff, Design, LAFC, Los Angeles FC, Soccer, Logo, Badge, Crest, MLS

Los Angeles Football Club is a soccer team that joined Major League Soccer for the 2018 season.

NYCFC 2015 Inaugural Season logo designed by Matthew Wolff

New York City FC Inaugural Season Logo

NYCFC logo, Matthew Wolff Design

New York City FC is a Major League Soccer franchise, and the sister club of Manchester City FC.

Oakland County Football Club crest designed by Matthew Wolff, Premier League of America

Oakland County FC is a professional soccer team in Michigan.

Skidmore Dining Services Logo

Skidmore Dining Services fed me while I was in college

The Third Rail Logo, MLS, Supporters Group

The Third Rail is the first recognized supporters group of New York City FC.

Skidmore Lacrosse Pinny, Jersey, Design, Graffiti, Matthew Wolff, Design, Logo

Skidmore Lacrosse graffiti-style graphic for a lax pinny

Dollar Slice NYC, Pizza App

Dollar Slice NYC is an app that displays the locations of dollar slice pizza spots in New York City.

vb city fc, sports logo, design, crest, badge

Virginia Beach City FC is a soccer team that competes in the NPSL.

Icelandic Football Blog Logo, Matthew Wolff Design

Icelandic Football is a twitter handle that keeps me up-to-date on Íslenska karlalandsliðið í knattspyrnu.

Pittsburgh Ironmen Logo, Matthew Wolff Design

The Pittsburgh Ironmen were a professional basketball team in 1946. This is how I imagine their logo may have looked.

New York Gentleman Logo, Matthew Wolff Design

New York Gentleman was a style blog.

Iceland, Badge, Soccer, Logo, Crest, Football, Redesign, Concept, KSI, Matthew Wolff, Design, Knattspyrnusamband Íslands

This is a logo concept I pitched to The Icelandic National Football Team.

Brooklyn Nets, Logo, Redesign, Matthew Wolff, Design

This is a logo concept I pitched to The Brooklyn Nets.

FCB NYC PENYA, Matthew Wolff Design

Penya FCB NYC is the official FC Barcelona supporters group in New York City.

Minneapolis Pong Hockey League Logo, Matthew Wolff Design

The Minneapolis Pond Hockey League was a proposed amateur hockey league.

Minnesota Vikings Logo Concept, Redesign, Matthew Wolff

This is a logo concept I pitched to The Minnesota Vikings. The viking face is made of an interlocking M and V.

Minnesota Kicks, Matthew Wolff

The Minnesota Kicks were a professional soccer team in the 1970s. This is a redesign concept.

Coastal Futsal Logo, Crest, Badge, Matthew Wolff

Coastal Futsal is a futsal club in Virginia Beach.

Tomahawk Maple Syrup Logo

Tomahawk Maple Syrup serves syrup in hand-crafted maple containers.

San Diego soccer logo

San Diego Football Center is a youth leadership and soccer academy in southern California.