Below is an array of football (soccer) crest I’ve designed over the years.

NYCFC logo, Matthew Wolff Design

New York City FC of Major League Soccer, and the sister club of Manchester City FC., 2014.

NYCFC 2015 Inaugural Season logo designed by Matthew Wolff

New York City FC Inaugural Season Logo

Football Association of Barotseland, Elephant, crest, badge, soccer, conifa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola

Barotseland, 2017

Minneapolis City Soccer Club, Matthew Wolff Design

Minneapolis City SC, 2016.

The Third Rail Logo, MLS, Supporters Group

The Third Rail is the first recognized supporters group of New York City FC.

Racing Saratoga Football Club

Racing Saratoga Football Club, 2014.

Coastal Futsal Logo, Crest, Badge, Matthew Wolff

Coastal Futsal is a futsal club in Virginia Beach.

Sterling Soccer Club crest by Matthew Wolff

Sterling Soccer Club, 2018.

Oakland Roots, Crest, Sports Club, California, Soccer Logo, Badge, Design, Designer, Matthew Wolff

Oakland Roots, 2018.

Iceland, Badge, Soccer, Logo, Crest, Football, Redesign, Concept, KSI, Matthew Wolff, Design, Knattspyrnusamband Íslands

This is a logo concept I pitched to The Icelandic National Football Team.

Minnesota Kicks, Matthew Wolff

The Minnesota Kicks were a professional soccer team in the 1970s. This is a redesign concept.


Below is an array of non-football (soccer) logos/identities I’ve designed over the years.

The New School Narwhals

The New School Narwhals, 2014.

Final X Wrestling Logo Lane Porter Matthew Wolff

Final X Wrestling, 2018. Designed in partnership with Lane Porter.

Los Angeles Coast Rugby, LA, Major League Rugby, Logo, Matthew Wolff

Los Angeles Coast Rugby, 2018.

Brooklyn Nets, Logo, Redesign, Matthew Wolff, Design

This is a logo concept I pitched to The Brooklyn Nets.